Over the last ten years, Dr. Andy has interviewed hundreds of poets, either on the telephone or in the studios of KDVS, and as a result he has introduced listeners to new books, new poems, and new schools of poetry. Supported by recordings of famous poems and jazz bumper music, Dr. Andy enjoys sharing his discoveries about new ways to think about literature and the creative process. If you are a poet who has a record of print publication and would like to talk about an upcoming publication on the radio, please contact Dr. Andy at aojones at gmail dot com to schedule an appearance on “Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour.”

“Radio can become a significant oral medium for literary criticism in a culture where written criticism of poetry no longer reaches even a modestly large audience.” – Dana Gioia in “Notes Towards a New Bohemia” (http://www.danagioia.net/essays/ebohemia.htm)

“Rarely has the combination of poetry and technology been married so skillfully.” Paula Poundstone, in an email to Dr. Andy.