Interviews and Guests

May 1st
TC Boyle on getting into the minds of characters who are terrifying, the correlation between language and meaning, and rhythm, the performance of his stories, as well as on the necessity, or lack thereof, for traveling to distant places in order to write them later.
Patrice Vecchione on her new book, The Knot Untied, as well as the important relationship between her poetry and her experiences in nature. The poet also reads an excerpt of her work.
Emily Hughes on the upcoming SummerWords event, featuring T.C. Boyle, and a host of talented writers and teachers.
Anna Palmer and Zach Heinzer on their upcoming UC Davis Theater and Dance performances, as well as their respective views and creative ideologies on dance and addictions to television.

April 24th
Oliver Jones
Drake Martinet
Thomas Hampson
Mark Adamo

April 17th
Joshua White
Jeff Knorr

April 10th
Trish Harris
Hannah Reff
Kitty Liang
Teresa Pham

April 3rd
Gia Battista on her upcoming show, Nightingale, which was in spired by a poem she read while still an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis, as well as on her role as “the girl” in the viral column-turned-therapist video, seen here.
Melissa Bender on the exciting study-abroad program she helped develop where the travels of the class mirror those of the travels studied in the course.
Oliver Jones, the staff writer for People Magazine, talks with his brother, the host and creator of this show, about his upcoming performance in Davis, life in general, and various hijinks. Well worth a listen.

March 27th
Gemini Adams on her new book The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug With a Digital Detox, as well as the inspiration for it, the reaction people have had to Identifying themselves in its pages (ex: “That sounds just like me!”) as well as an excerpt of the work, read by the author.
Allan Johnston on his career at The University of California, Davis, as well as a discussion of his poetic efforts, which have been rewarded with publications in such prestigious journals as Poetry.

March 20th
Dave Boles and Meri St. Mary on traditional versus digital publishing, their respective artistic careers and influences, as well as on book publishing and what it means to publish a book in today’s market. Each author shares a poem.
Karen Levy on her upcoming memoir My Father’s Garden, the Creative Writing Conference she will be appearing at, as well as the prospect of publishing a non-fiction narrative and the reaction of family and friends. The author reads an excerpt of her work.

March 13th
Wendy Silk and Ellen Davis on the science course that mixes music with earth science, “Science and Society 42: Earth, Water, Science, and Song.”
Pia Baur, the former producer of this radio program, Baur shares weekend plans and a poem.

March 6th
D.R. Wagner on terrible penmanship, navigating between visual art and poetry, his three upcoming and recent publications, as well as his approach to putting books of verse together.
Qudus Onikeku and Mary Ann Brooks on the new dance performance and choreography event, Flash, from UC Davis, the interpretation of stories that seem distant but in which dwell lose human truths, and the exploration of painful memories to elucidate the unity of mankind.
Simon De Vere White on Devere’s Irish Pub’s upcoming charity event, “St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Event!” which benefits children with cancer.

February 27th
Dan Comins on his role in Academic Technology Service department at UC Davis, as well as his hobby-turned-job of wedding videography, and the intersection of mixed-media and classroom learning opportunities.
The Spokes on their upcoming performance at “HellaCappella” at the Mondavi Center, as well as a preview of the songs they will perform that night. Read more on their website!

February 20th
Edythe Haendel Schwartz
Keith Lowell Jensen
Andy’s Students
MFA Thesis Choreographers

February 13th 
Mitchell VanLandingham, Skylar Collins, and  Marcos Sastre III from Tis a Pity She’s a Whore.
Edward R. O’Neill

February 6th 
Zara Raab
Trevor Blake

January 30th
Elijah Jenkins
Sam Nichols

January 23rd
John Marcotte
Marcel Prather

January 16th
Art Mantecon and Gilberto Rodriguez on the translations of Leopoldo Maria Panero’s poetry from Spanish to English, their approaches and thoughts on both their own poetry and the translated work of Panero.
John Nastoulas and Marque Cass on the art of spoken word performance, the artistic culture and community of Davis, and their contributions to the local music scene.

January 9th
Sarah Janssen on the new edition of The World Almanac Book of Facts.
Chris “Whitey” Erickson.

January 2nd
Re-run of our episode with Chris Brogan and Rosemary Capps and her sisters.

December 26th
Gillian Wegener and Jessi Shuttleworth

December 19th
Chris Brogan on his best-selling books, his approach to using new media to increase productivity, his teaching philosophy, and his celebrated work as a consultant to various fortune five-hundred companies.
Rosemary Capps and her sisters rein in the holiday season with a full segment of vocal music, from Christmas tunes to a medley from O’ Brother, Where Art Thou? and Allison Krauss.

December 12th
Tim Kahl on his newest book of poetry, The Century of Travel, his performance philosophy, and his long-standing work for the Sacramento Poetry Center.
Evan White reads a story called “The Plumber’s Wife,” first performed earlier this year before a live audience.

December 5th
Albert Flynn DeSilver on his widely-published poetry, memoir, and artistic collaborations, as well as teaching jobs ranging from universities to prisons.
Joshua McKinney on his approach to the discipline of poetic composition (work for which he has received widespread acclaim, including four Pushcart Prize Nominations), his new book Mad Cursive, and his upcoming appearance in the city of Davis at The Poetry Night Reading Series.

November 28th
Barry McGovern (Part 1, Part 2) on being the Granada Artist in Residence on the University of California, Davis, campus, his lengthy and successful career as an actor in both film and stage (including roles in such films as Braveheart and the television program The Tudors), as well as his acting philosophy, his upcoming production on the UC Davis campus, and his approach to teaching acting.
Katy Brown on being a long-time Davis-ite, her involvement in the poetry community, and her (many) publications and collaborations within the Davis artistic community. The author also shares an original poem.

November 21st
Laura Mullen on her approach to poetry as a reaction and response to the devastating storm Sandy, her upcoming appearance at UC Davis, her approach to poetry and its relationship to technology, and her newest book Enduring Freedom.
Catherine Walsh on her work with long-form poetry, her experiences being in the United States and teaching at The University of California, Berkeley, and her preferred tools for writing.
Joseph Mills on his writing processes, his many publications, the work he has done for and in North Carolina’s wine country, and his teaching position and residence at North Carolina School of the Arts.

November 14th
Liana Holmberg on her new press, Red Bridge Press, the future of traditional publishing in the wake of eBooks and digital publishing, and the projects she’s embarking on with her new press.
Vicki Hudson on the San Fransicso Writer’s Conference, her dual-identity until the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” her experiences in the M.F.A. program at St. Mary’s College, the discipline of writing, and on her new and current projects, books, contests, and scholarships.
Joe Wenderoth on his upcoming performance at The John Natsoulas Gallery, teaching the interpretation of poetry, and his thoughts on the benefits of allowing creative thinking.
Adair Lara on her upcoming appearance as part of the “Conversations With Writers” series at UC Davis, the allure of the memoir, her new book Naked, Drunk, and Writing, and her role as mentor for her students.

November 7th
Meri St. Mary on her experiences with the underground punk art scene, hosting her own radio program, the work she has done with performance-based music and spoken word, and her many upcoming projects, publications, and shows.
Ray Tatar and Skye Dickenson join Dr. Andy in a conversation about their work, their respective projects, and their thoughts on teaching, writing, and being an artist.

October 31st
Aliza Sherman on her far-reaching influence on social media, being among the first successful female internet entrepreneurs, how the cyber world has changed since the mid 90’s, her numerous publications, and living in Alaska.
Sandra Gilbert on her literary achievements – everything from writing key pieces of feminist literature to winning a National Book Award, on her relationships with editors and titles of her books, and her friendship with Susan Gubar.
Micaela Cirimeli on her directorial involvement in UC Davis’s “the Haunt at Wright Hall.”

October 24th
Re-run of Dr. Andy’s August 22nd interview of Bart Edelman.

October 17
John Natsoulas on the significance of the Davis Jazz Beat Festival and his tireless efforts to bring together world-class artists and musicians.
A. D. Winans on the San Francisco poetry scene, living through and being a part of the Beat Era, his writing process, and his relationship to other famous Beat poets.
Gia Batista and Rob Salas on their upcoming production Macbeth: The Radio Play, their past work with the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble, and how Macbeth is a perfect choice for the Halloween season.
Emily Hughes on her creative process, performing with Traci Gourdine, being on the faculty at American River College, and where she draws inspiration from.

October 10
Jobie Hughes on getting an M.F.A from Columbia University, in New York, having his first novel, I Am Number Four, made into a film by Dreamworks pictures and produced by Michael Bay, as well as his writing process, his new novel, his route to literary success, and his friendship with James Frey.
Amy X Neuburg on the mix of poetry and technology in her music, the wide range of musical and vocal work she has done, and her approach to electronic music. Features her song, “Shrapnel.”

October 3
Julia Levine on coming to think of her (now-acclaimed) writing as something she would consider publishing, her friendship and creative relationship with Ruth Schwartz, as well as on being a mother and psychiatrist, and how her writing life has learned to interact with her personal and professional life.

September 26
Madeline Miller on her novel, The Song of Achilles, which won the prestigious 2012 Orange Prize for Fiction, and on her life-long love for classic literature, her early interest in Homer, and being on a book tour for the paperback release of The Song of Achilles.
Brad Henderson on his first novel, Drums, his upcoming book of poetry The Blue Devil, books he’s reading now, his collaborations with Dr. Andy, and his approach to poetry.
Corey La Rue, Evan White, Andrew Poh on Absurd Publications, Poh’s upcoming feature in The California Aggie about Absurd Publications and Dr. Andy’s involvement in Absurd’s development.

September 19
Alice Jones on her approach to new and different poetic projects, being a psychoanalyst, the value an music of language, and on being published in prestigious journals.

September 12
Meredith Sward and Natalie Roman on their respective majors, technoculture studies, the job market, their award-winning experimental films, and thoughts on campus activities.
Evan White on Absurd Publication’s new anthology, All the Vegetarians in Texas Have Been Shot, Davis’ newest monthly creative journal, The Oddity, and his appreciation for Philip Glass.

September 5
Joshua McKinney on his background in martial arts, the relationship between poetry and swordplay, verse that moves “between beauty and destruction,” and his upcoming book Mad Cursive.
Karen Levy on being an Israeli-American, and how that informed her upcoming memoir, My Father’s Garden.
Christopher Yu on his poetic inspirations, his recent publications, being a former KDVS DJ himself, and goals for the future.

August 29
Judith Rose on the effect of different locations on her poetry, a trip to Cambodia, which inspired her newest book, and her newest book Walking the Minefield.
John Turner on his new book Take This Journey With Me, his inspirations, the message behind his work, and the performance of his poetry.
Brendan Constantine on living in Bela Lugosi’s former apartment, the poetry scene in and around Los Angeles, having working actors as parents, his advocacy for the literary arts, and his most recent book Calamity Joe.

August 22
Bart Edelman on writing, teaching writing, the geography inherent in poetic travel, and his most recent book, The Geographer’s Wife.
Rosemary Capps on academic technology, integrating technology into classroom learning, having a large musical family, and singing.

August 15
Connie Post on being Livermore California’s first poet laureate, having a son with autism, her involvement with community arts, and her new book, And When the Sun Drops.
Alex Levitan on, working as a travel writer, how writing while traveling changes the traveler, and the incorporation of technology into seeing the world.

August 1
Eve West Bessier on becoming the new poet laureate of the city of Davis, having a background in jazz musicianship, and the prospect of poetry as music.
Pia Baur on being the producer of “The Poetry Night Reading Series” and Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour, writing, getting into prestigious MFA programs, and plans for the future.

July 25
Jeanne Wagner on the process of selecting poetry journals to submit to, incorporating old movies into her poetry, and her most recent book, In the Body of Our Lives.
Brian Ogelsby and Steven Schmidt on Barnyard Theater, their experiences in MFA programs, and the theater’s new show, Psyche.

July 18
Chris Whitey Erickson and Joe Wenderoth on the purpose of poetry in the community, the performance of verse, their upcoming publications, and general shenanigans.
Susan Cohen on coming back to poetry after a twenty-five year hiatus, her new book Throat Singing, and the difference between creative and journalistic writing.

July 11
Cynthia Linville on her teaching at California State University, Sacramento, her approach to keeping her poetry fun, her involvement in poetry events, and living abroad.
Alan Humason on creating a literary component to the Davis Art Walk, his approach to the composition of poetry, and art events in and around Yolo County.

July 4
Jill Stengel on her activity in the literary community in the form of editing and publishing chapbooks, running her own reading series, and the art scene in Davis.
Daryl Lazaro on the influence of poetry workshops on his songwriting, his quartet’s upcoming full-length album, entitled The Immutable Tor House, and his website

June 27
Lawrence Dinkins on his appearance at the Shins Cafe in Sacramento, his background in music and how he uses this with his poetry.

June 20
Guests: Winder McConnell and Michelle Bitting

June 13
Guests: Lennie Dean, Linda Loveland Reid, and Charles Bamforth

June 6
Guests: Troy Jollimore, Betsy Sedlak

May 30
Guests: Granada Artist-in-Residence: Ellen Bromberg, Will Arnold

May 23
Guests: Belo Cipriani, Davis Film Festival

May 16
Guests: Cory Warshaw, Cast of Rent, John Natsoulas

May 9
Stephanie Chandler, Jon Rossini, Alejandro Torres

May 2
Guests: Emily Hughes, David Merson, Shelly Gilbride, and Athena Kashyap

April 25
Guests: The KDVS Fundraiser Edition

April 18
Guests: The Edge, Molly Peacock

April 11
Guests: Briony Gylgayton, Nicholas Malone, Arielle Robbins, Tor House

April 4
Guests: James Carey, Arturo Mantecón, Gilberto Rodriguez, and Scot Siegel

March 28
Guests: Martha Alderson, Recordings by Adrienne Rich

March 21
Guests: John Scott, Ari Polsky

March 14
Guests: Wendy Silk & the Science Singers and the Cast of The House of Bernarda Alba

March 7
Guests: Freshman Seminar “Three Poems a Week” students, George Anders

February 29
Guests: David Masiel, Dan Wood

February 22
Guests: Susan Kolodny, Thomas Lea, Arnold Bloom

February 15
Guests: Nora Bergamino, Jessica Kristie, Monto Kumagai

February 8
Guests: Kevin O’Connor, Folawole, Justin Cox

02:08:12 Justin Cox

02:08:12 Folawole and Kevin O’Connor

February 1
Guests: Corey La Rue, Stephanie Yee, Trish Harris

January 25
Guests: Patricia Killalea, Renee Thompson, Evan White

January 18
Guests: Gina Barnard, Brandon Lussier, and Susan Laughter Meyers

January 11
Guests: Arthur Gies, Lani Chan

January 4
Guests: Lauren Cole Norton, Emily Hughes, Arielle Robbins, and Melanie Madden